Quote Of the Day

Sometimes you've got to let everything go.
Purge yourself.
If you are unhappy with anything...
Whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it.
Because you'll find that when you're free,
Your true creativity,
Your true self comes out.

Tina Turner


Quote of the Day

Luck has nothing to do with it,
Because i have spent Many, Many, Many hours,
Countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time,
Not knowing when it would come.

Serena Williams


Quote of the Day

Surely the day will come when color means
Nothing more than the skin tone,
When religion is seen uniquely as a way to speak one's soul,
When birth places have the weight of a throw of the dice
And all men are born free, when understanding breeds love and

Josephine Baker


Quote of the Day

There's too much darkness in the world.
Everywhere you turn,
Someone is tryin' to tear sommeone down in some way,
Everywhere you go,
There's a feeling of inadequacy or a feeling 
That you're not good enough.
I want to bring a certain light to the world.

Alicia Keys


Quote of the Day

I don't understand why people don't
Understand that the world of TV should 
Look like the world outside TV.

Shonda Rhimes


Quote of the Day

Being a father has been without a doubt,
My greatest source of achievement,
Pride and inspiration.
Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love,
Reinforced the importance of giving back and
Taught me how to be a better person.

Naveen Jain


Quote of the Day

You can't just sit there and wait for people 
To give you that golden dream.
You've got to get out there and make it happen
For yourself.

Diana Ross


Quote of the Day

I never had that feeling that i had to carry
the weight of somebody's ignorance around with me.
And that was true for racists who wanted to use the " N " word
When talking about me and my people,
Or the stupidity of people who really wanted to belittle other folks
Because they weren't pretty or they weren't rich
Or they weren't clever.

Maya Angelou